About Janet


Welcome to I Opening Therapy, a deeply transformative experience through a unique blend of Higher Consciousness Psychotherapy and Soul Liberation through Expansion.

Janet is a N.Y.S. Licensed Clinical Social Worker who uniquely blends traditional psychotherapy with soul healing modalities, effecting a profound change in allowing one to experience a more joyful life. Since childhood Janet has always been deeply moved to help others through difficult times in their lives as well as feeling a profound connection to the metaphysical world. For many years these two passions were explored as separate entities, however, it became inevitable that the wisdom and benefits from both modalities would come together to create a greater healing experience.

While “talk therapy” may be healing and beneficial in and of itself at times, too often people continue their life patterns despite their level of intellectual awareness. It is Janet’s desire to help others connect to their true nature and free themselves from limiting ego based beliefs and fears. These fears are often a result of trauma and wounding that occur, leaving an imprint within our unconscious, creating negative thoughts, outdated belief patterns, and repetitive unwanted behaviors and outcomes. Janet combines cognitive awareness with the energetic release of confining soul imprints. This restructuring of our energetic bodies enables us to make more effective choices that better serve our highest and truest self. Janet has been trained extensively in high frequency energetic healing both nationally and internationally.

This eclectic approach integrates spiritual alchemical healing techniques, intuitive soul reading/restructuring, creative visualization, meditative journeying and advanced level frequency energy healing sessions.

Janet is a passionate mentor to professionals including those in the mental health field and/or spiritual healers assisting in the discovery of braiding esoteric teachings and experiences with their own unique gifts in their work and personal life.

Janet is also dedicated to teaching technique healing modalities and intuitive healing approaches to those who wish to pursue the healing arts for their own healing and/or as a profession. She is an Ericksonian Hypnotherapist and graduated from NYSEPH (New York Milton H. Erickson Society For Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy). Janet is a Master Level healer in several energetic modalities and periodically teaches these modalities to those who are passionate about expanding their energetic healing gifts under the guidance of the Angelic Realms and the Ascended Masters.

Janet has over 30 years of professional experience in the healing arts. Her background includes working with adolescents, young adults  and adults on a wide range of issues including life direction, substance abuse, depression and anxiety.

Early in her career she became the assistant director of a multi-service outpatient substance abuse treatment and prevention community-based program in Rockland County, NY. There she worked intensely with adolescents and adults in individual, couple, family, group and community settings. During this period she was a lecturer and a developer of a county-wide approach to adolescent depression and suicide,as well as co-author of a widely used adolescent suicide response manual for schools and communities. Janet has been a co-author of a county-wide bullying prevention /awareness curriculum adopted by several school districts, which compiled published classroom lessons for bullying prevention.

Janet has been a National Trainer for the Olweus Bully Prevention, an internationally-renowned bullying prevention program, for a large school district in New York.

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