Motivation without Love
It is aggressive, it is fire
It has a big burst of energy and burns out quickly
It is full of ideas, suggestions and enthusiasm
and then becomes distracted easily
overwhelmed, full of doubts
a feeling of dis-ease begins to fill it’s sphere
it deflates, feels discouraged
It leaves uncompleted projects
a feeling of dissatisfaction
always looking for the next wave of energy to ride upon

Motivation aligned with the frequency of love
It is soft
It has a graceful flow that gently glides forward
Unquestioning in it’s alignment to divine order
It has clarity
It has focus
It has the energy of continuity
It gains a gentle momentum supported with love and vision
It creates softly, yet powerfully, gaining momentum as reaches it’s climax
It is a gentle unfolding, without the rush or hurry or the fear of being left behind
It is a knowing within one’s heart that the journey is near and clear
It is the opening of our wings in a graceful elegance, a graceful dance

May the ease of motivation flow through all you do in the New Year

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