Listening To Your Self

This may not be difficult to do when it seems that all plans and people drop away, and you are left right back with yourself, right where you started off. But not quite where you started. Probably, not at all. Many of us have gone through many changes over this year and this time around the solstice is encouraging us to really look at where we want to put our attention and time.

What do we truly want to create? We can see many possibilities at times, or none at all. This is the time to birth our creations but we need to really scrutinize them first. Sit within and connect our hearts to possible creations. Are they in resonance with our hearts, with our path?

To look at our present creations, are they in alignment with our hearts and if not, connect to them so can be embraced and illuminated with your light and your signature.

These upcoming rainy days are encouraging us, to listen deep within before we continue to put our energies forward. Not to doubt, but to just clean up any pieces that are not of the highest of integrity for us. We don’t have to know all the answers, to know where we are going.

Call on the Blue Ray of Truth, ask it to fill yourself and all that you are creating to bring it to its highest frequency. To fill challenging relationships or situations, so that you may see clearly, without judgment. Ask to be shown all parts of these creations so that you may see where any unbalanced energies may lie. Ask the Blue Ray of Truth to fill these energies so that they may be brought back into balance. Look at any resistance that may arise, again without judgment or criticism of you.

Embrace the resistance, as it is trying to protect you. Bring it into your heart so it can soften and see the Truth of the present, not the fears of the past or the future.

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