Equinox of 9/23/12

Since the equinox of 9/23/12 I have been experiencing a reoccurring image in my mind of a bulldozer pushing rubble out of the way, clearing a path. It usually has to go over the same path a few times for the path to be clear, but it continues to clear none the less.

The Equinox energies have brought through a huge amount of clearing energies to help us clear our paths. All of the rubble that has accumulated from our stories, our heart wounds and our ego wounds, are being stirred up, broken up, so that a new foundation can be laid.

Deep old issues are being stirred, again reflecting any feelings of powerlessness, victimization, unfairness, deep hurts, anger, rejection, guilt, over inflated egos and many more. We are truly being called to take a stand in our lives and be responsible for our emotions, our creations in our lives.

For many this has been occurring intensely since the recent hurricanes and storms where people have had to physically clear their space. With some things we have no choice, they are damaged beyond repair, and the best we can do is thank them for their usefulness, their memories.

Many other possessions are being reevaluated; do they have a need or a place any longer in my space? A helpful question to ask yourself when clearing through the rubble; “If I had to pack up and leave my space tomorrow and could only take one suitcase, would I take this?” This question refers to not only our material possessions but to our emotions, our thoughts, our creations and our belief systems. You may be thinking where are we going anyway?

Last night I had an extremely clear vision of many souls, and Beings of Light, gathering around the sacred portals of the earth, all holding bright energies of Light. Many, many more will continue to gather as these sacred portals are connecting their grids with each other more deeply and with the Bearers of Light, especially preparing for 11/11/11.

If you are reading this, chances are you have the calling to be a Conscious Light Bearer. We cannot bring into Earth higher frequencies of Light and Love that come from Source, while holding onto old and outdated belongings, emotions and beliefs. While it can be challenging to part with many of these, even the negative ones as they have often found a comfortable place within our being to rest, it is imperative for us to make a choice about where we stand.

Do we need to hold onto a misdirected ego that has been taught it is separate from others, from Source, and needs to hold onto all that it owns for fear it will be nothing without these old stories? Or can we step into our Light and see our Divinity reflected back to us everywhere?

The more we consciously align with our Light Source, the more Light we are able to anchor into our own Being and into the Consciousness of Earth. This is our calling, our gift, our joy.

May your heart be filled with the love and beauty of the Divine Mother and the wisdom and light of the Divine Father.


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