End of the Mayan Calendar

We have just come to a close with the end of the Mayan Calendar. Yesterday brought in many different frequencies, particularly the energies that support Transition, that will help us to navigate the next 18 months and beyond. We are in a time of in between as we await the energies of New Consciousness to be grounded on 11/11/11.

Some of you may feel pulsed to come together in groups, to meditate, to socialize, to just be. Others may feel guided to spend quiet time, to catch your breath and to connect to depths of reconnection that we are entering into. How appropriate that many of us in the Northeast are experiencing this very early snowfall. Purifying the energies that we no longer need to feel attached to. These include old beliefs and consciousness that we have carried in our souls, from our own experiences and that of our ancestors.

These voices speak to us about experiences of having been left behind or torn apart from our loved ones, that our Creator is angry with us and has abandoned us, that we must carry heavy loads of service for others alone- with no assistance or joy attached to these events and many more with similar themes.

As I watch from my window, I am seeing many large and small branches falling all around, weighed down the heaviness of the snow. A natural pruning of sorts. All of the weight of the old energies from these old beliefs and emotions are weighing down on us, encouraging us to release these back into the Earth or up into the Universe.

We have the choice to release by our own choice or if not the Universe will nudge us into these releases akin to the falling branches. Some of these old attachments can be difficult to let go of as they have found a comfortable spot in our awareness. Some believe that even if the old behaviors are not healthy, they know what they are and are so filled with fear of going into unknown terror-tory.

Either way we are going beloveds, so take a breath, hold hands with others if that helps, and just give permission to your highest Divine Self to lead the way. This part of you is directly connected to Source, and knows exactly the path that is perfect for you and will support you greatly.

All that feels like the Universe is conspiring against you are opportunities for you to see your old patterns and beliefs that have been running the show and weighing down your own branches. Shake them off, and breathe again, and bless all that you are experiencing. May these blankets of purification bring you freedom and reconnection to your true paths. May we hold all those in our hearts that are homeless, hungry, ill and forgotten.

May your heart be filled with the love and beauty of the Divine Mother and the wisdom and light of the Divine Father.


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