Soul Dreaming

A short meditation

Free your soul
What does your soul desire more than anything?
Block out what others are telling you, for their soul may hold fear and judgments about what is safe.
Isn’t that what right or wrong is all about,what will keep us or our loved ones safe?

Sit quietly; breathe out all that is floating in your mind with your exhale.
With your intention, breathe ribbons of peace into your mind, into your body, into every muscle and cell.

Allow peace and calmness to be the dominant energy within you, expanding it all around you.

With your breath expand this peace and calmness all around you so you can visualize yourself sitting in a large sphere of peace. Call all parts of your soul into this sphere to receive this peace.

Your soul is a large sphere of energy made up of many different colors, filaments of light, frequencies and vibrations. It holds your gifts and talents that you came into this earth with. It holds much wisdom to help carry you through the lessons it needed to learn or expand upon in order to grow and manifest all that it is here in physical form. Your soul holds your desires, the desire to share and experience its gifts in physical form. This is the gift of the Universe to us for physical form is unique to this beautiful planet.

Breathe deeply now as you are sitting within your soul in this beautiful field of peace. You may visualize a color or colors streaming through this sphere of peace, clarity and calm. Calling from your heart now, What does my soul desire to experience in physical form?

When I think about doing ……….I feel excitement, a sense of knowing that this is a path that resonates with me,

When I think about doing…..I start to think this cannot happen due to thoughts/beliefs that……

These thoughts/beliefs come from…….

Take 3 deep breaths now, breathing in ribbons of peace, connecting back to your sphere.

I now choose to forgive all that has occurred to cause me to feel doubt, insecurity, fear or unmotivated about my soul dream.

Breathe in the violet light to assist clearing these old beliefs and fears.

Take time now to sit in your sphere and visualize yourself creating and experiencing what your soul dream is. Feel the emotions of happiness, welcoming the challenges it may bring knowing that each one will help you to grow your dream deeper.

You may also want to write a positive affirmation in the present tense and say it often

I am greatly enjoying……………… I am supported in my soul dream on every level-emotionally, physically, spiritually, financially and psychically.

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