Empowerment Healing Sessions


Empowerment sessions are powerful infusions of sound and light that assist you:

  • to create or expand a project
  • to align with your heart dream and open your heart to manifest this dream
  • to feel more energy in your physical, emotional and spiritual experiences
  • to feel more clarity and direction in your life through owning your creations
  • to feel more connected to yourself, others and the world around you
  • to help energy to flow in your relationships in a joyful way

Through powerful sound and light transmissions you will be held in cocoons of love frequencies as the Golden Rivers of Light flow through your Being. Through clearly setting an intention of where you would like to experience more flow and empowerment in your life these Rivers of Light assist to open your divine energy and power of creation. This journey connects you back to the Core of your Soul, assisting to heal blockages and karmic energies that may be at odds with your intention preventing your creations to manifest with flow and grace.

These sessions are gentle hands on the body, fully clothed to assist the direction and shifting of energies to open the pathways and flow of your connections to your feminine, masculine and earth energies.

If sessions are distance then the support if offered through the etheric realms. You are supported by your own Divine Presence, Soul, guides, Ancient Ones, Angels and Archangels.

Janet is a trained and certified Sound and Light Channel by Lelama Sjamar, creator of Empowerment Healing.
Session are generally 1.5 hours Cost:$125

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