Soul Speaks Workshop

chakra_figure A three-part series which offers the opportunity to create a deeper embodiment of one’s Soul so you may receive the highest guidance from your soul’s library of wisdom, align to your purpose and activate your empowerment.

Through Kundalini yoga and guided meditation focusing on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies, you will know a stronger connection to your higher consciousness and embody your soul’s power of creation.

Kundalini Yoga combines meditation, mantra, physical exercises and breathing techniques. The Kundalini is untapped energy (prana) at the base of the spine that can be drawn up through the body awakening each of the seven chakras. Enlightenment occurs when this energy reaches the crown chakra at the top of the head.

Chakras are spheres of light that hold our soul and spirit as well as Universal light and love. Keeping theses spheres of light and energy centers clear and flowing with universal light and love is a powerful key in creating and maintaining a flow of creation in all areas of our life as each chakra affects a specific part of our lives.

As we learn to open and work consciously with our chakras, it prepares us to receive our Soul Presence in a deep and powerful way. The soul is the part of our universal self that holds our divine plan and mission to be shared within the earth planes.

Through meditation and journaling, we will also explore how to direct your Presence to align with your will.

Workshop Instructors: Both instructors have over 20 years’ experience in the healing arts Louise Delia , RYT (registered yoga teacher of Hatha, Kundalini and other yoga styles) Janet O’Shea, LCSW (for more information about Janet visit:

*Please note the change of the last date is now June 12th, 2013

Session Dates: Wednesday Evenings: April 24th, May8th and June 12th, 2013
Time: 7:00pm to 9:00pm
Place: United Methodist Church – 130 Franklin Ave, Pearl River, NY 10965
The entrance is in the back of the church. If you park on Franklin Ave, walk up the driveway, through the door
and up the stairs. The room is on the left hand side.
Cost: $25.00 per session
RSVP- Jenna Jacobs at

Both the yoga and meditation will be geared to assist beginners as well as more
advanced. Each session builds upon the next so in order to achieve the greatest benefits; it is recommended that each session is received in order.

Please bring a yoga mat or towel, journal and water
Fee: $120.00 per session

Bookings are taking place now for sessions offered in May, 2013


Healing Angels Workshop

violet lightworkers A time for Connection, Support, Renewal and Joy with Archangels: RAPHAEL, GABRIEL, CELESTINA, FAITH, CASSIEL, DANIEL, SARAH, AND MICHAEL

Based on a powerful process enabling you to energetically connect with the Healing Angels and develop your personal relationship with each of them.
These workshops are led by IET (Integrated Energy Therapy®) Master-Instructor through a powerful process focusing on each of the Healing Angels of the IET Ray. The group energy created in this class will enable you to connect much more powerfully with the Healing Angels than you can do alone.

This workshop is perfect for students who do not have any Integrated Energy Therapy® Training but who love angels and who would like to meet and work with the nine special angels of IET healing ray. It is also ideal for IET students who want to learn to call upon the Healing Angels and add a special spiritual dimension to their sessions. You will learn the special healing gift that each angel brings and a special prayer of invitation to call upon the angel. Everyone from angel novice to expert can deeply receive blessings and personal messages from this class.

Facilitated by: Janet O’Shea, LCSW (Clinical social worker), Master level IET instructor, Metaphysical teacher and healer

Dates: TBA

Class Materials: you will receive a fully illustrated 14 page Healing Angels Of The

Energy Field Class Workbook and an official Healing Angels Of The Energy Field Certificate. The workbook contains an image of each Healing Angel, a description of
how each Healing Angle can help you in your self-healing spiritual journey, a special prayer of invitation for each Healing Angel, and a space for you to write about the ways
each Healing Angel can help you as well as a space to write about your perception of each Healing Angel.


Soul Dreaming

A short meditation

Free your soul
What does your soul desire more than anything?
Block out what others are telling you, for their soul may hold fear and judgments about what is safe.
Isn’t that what right or wrong is all about,what will keep us or our loved ones safe?

Sit quietly; breathe out all that is floating in your mind with your exhale.
With your intention, breathe ribbons of peace into your mind, into your body, into every muscle and cell.

Allow peace and calmness to be the dominant energy within you, expanding it all around you.

With your breath expand this peace and calmness all around you so you can visualize yourself sitting in a large sphere of peace. Call all parts of your soul into this sphere to receive this peace.

Your soul is a large sphere of energy made up of many different colors, filaments of light, frequencies and vibrations. It holds your gifts and talents that you came into this earth with. It holds much wisdom to help carry you through the lessons it needed to learn or expand upon in order to grow and manifest all that it is here in physical form. Your soul holds your desires, the desire to share and experience its gifts in physical form. This is the gift of the Universe to us for physical form is unique to this beautiful planet.

Breathe deeply now as you are sitting within your soul in this beautiful field of peace. You may visualize a color or colors streaming through this sphere of peace, clarity and calm. Calling from your heart now, What does my soul desire to experience in physical form?

When I think about doing ……….I feel excitement, a sense of knowing that this is a path that resonates with me,

When I think about doing…..I start to think this cannot happen due to thoughts/beliefs that……

These thoughts/beliefs come from…….

Take 3 deep breaths now, breathing in ribbons of peace, connecting back to your sphere.

I now choose to forgive all that has occurred to cause me to feel doubt, insecurity, fear or unmotivated about my soul dream.

Breathe in the violet light to assist clearing these old beliefs and fears.

Take time now to sit in your sphere and visualize yourself creating and experiencing what your soul dream is. Feel the emotions of happiness, welcoming the challenges it may bring knowing that each one will help you to grow your dream deeper.

You may also want to write a positive affirmation in the present tense and say it often

I am greatly enjoying……………… I am supported in my soul dream on every level-emotionally, physically, spiritually, financially and psychically.

End of the Mayan Calendar

We have just come to a close with the end of the Mayan Calendar. Yesterday brought in many different frequencies, particularly the energies that support Transition, that will help us to navigate the next 18 months and beyond. We are in a time of in between as we await the energies of New Consciousness to be grounded on 11/11/11.

Some of you may feel pulsed to come together in groups, to meditate, to socialize, to just be. Others may feel guided to spend quiet time, to catch your breath and to connect to depths of reconnection that we are entering into. How appropriate that many of us in the Northeast are experiencing this very early snowfall. Purifying the energies that we no longer need to feel attached to. These include old beliefs and consciousness that we have carried in our souls, from our own experiences and that of our ancestors.

These voices speak to us about experiences of having been left behind or torn apart from our loved ones, that our Creator is angry with us and has abandoned us, that we must carry heavy loads of service for others alone- with no assistance or joy attached to these events and many more with similar themes.

As I watch from my window, I am seeing many large and small branches falling all around, weighed down the heaviness of the snow. A natural pruning of sorts. All of the weight of the old energies from these old beliefs and emotions are weighing down on us, encouraging us to release these back into the Earth or up into the Universe.

We have the choice to release by our own choice or if not the Universe will nudge us into these releases akin to the falling branches. Some of these old attachments can be difficult to let go of as they have found a comfortable spot in our awareness. Some believe that even if the old behaviors are not healthy, they know what they are and are so filled with fear of going into unknown terror-tory.

Either way we are going beloveds, so take a breath, hold hands with others if that helps, and just give permission to your highest Divine Self to lead the way. This part of you is directly connected to Source, and knows exactly the path that is perfect for you and will support you greatly.

All that feels like the Universe is conspiring against you are opportunities for you to see your old patterns and beliefs that have been running the show and weighing down your own branches. Shake them off, and breathe again, and bless all that you are experiencing. May these blankets of purification bring you freedom and reconnection to your true paths. May we hold all those in our hearts that are homeless, hungry, ill and forgotten.

May your heart be filled with the love and beauty of the Divine Mother and the wisdom and light of the Divine Father.



Equinox of 9/23/12

Since the equinox of 9/23/12 I have been experiencing a reoccurring image in my mind of a bulldozer pushing rubble out of the way, clearing a path. It usually has to go over the same path a few times for the path to be clear, but it continues to clear none the less.

The Equinox energies have brought through a huge amount of clearing energies to help us clear our paths. All of the rubble that has accumulated from our stories, our heart wounds and our ego wounds, are being stirred up, broken up, so that a new foundation can be laid.

Deep old issues are being stirred, again reflecting any feelings of powerlessness, victimization, unfairness, deep hurts, anger, rejection, guilt, over inflated egos and many more. We are truly being called to take a stand in our lives and be responsible for our emotions, our creations in our lives.

For many this has been occurring intensely since the recent hurricanes and storms where people have had to physically clear their space. With some things we have no choice, they are damaged beyond repair, and the best we can do is thank them for their usefulness, their memories.

Many other possessions are being reevaluated; do they have a need or a place any longer in my space? A helpful question to ask yourself when clearing through the rubble; “If I had to pack up and leave my space tomorrow and could only take one suitcase, would I take this?” This question refers to not only our material possessions but to our emotions, our thoughts, our creations and our belief systems. You may be thinking where are we going anyway?

Last night I had an extremely clear vision of many souls, and Beings of Light, gathering around the sacred portals of the earth, all holding bright energies of Light. Many, many more will continue to gather as these sacred portals are connecting their grids with each other more deeply and with the Bearers of Light, especially preparing for 11/11/11.

If you are reading this, chances are you have the calling to be a Conscious Light Bearer. We cannot bring into Earth higher frequencies of Light and Love that come from Source, while holding onto old and outdated belongings, emotions and beliefs. While it can be challenging to part with many of these, even the negative ones as they have often found a comfortable place within our being to rest, it is imperative for us to make a choice about where we stand.

Do we need to hold onto a misdirected ego that has been taught it is separate from others, from Source, and needs to hold onto all that it owns for fear it will be nothing without these old stories? Or can we step into our Light and see our Divinity reflected back to us everywhere?

The more we consciously align with our Light Source, the more Light we are able to anchor into our own Being and into the Consciousness of Earth. This is our calling, our gift, our joy.

May your heart be filled with the love and beauty of the Divine Mother and the wisdom and light of the Divine Father.


Listening To Your Self

This may not be difficult to do when it seems that all plans and people drop away, and you are left right back with yourself, right where you started off. But not quite where you started. Probably, not at all. Many of us have gone through many changes over this year and this time around the solstice is encouraging us to really look at where we want to put our attention and time.

What do we truly want to create? We can see many possibilities at times, or none at all. This is the time to birth our creations but we need to really scrutinize them first. Sit within and connect our hearts to possible creations. Are they in resonance with our hearts, with our path?

To look at our present creations, are they in alignment with our hearts and if not, connect to them so can be embraced and illuminated with your light and your signature.

These upcoming rainy days are encouraging us, to listen deep within before we continue to put our energies forward. Not to doubt, but to just clean up any pieces that are not of the highest of integrity for us. We don’t have to know all the answers, to know where we are going.

Call on the Blue Ray of Truth, ask it to fill yourself and all that you are creating to bring it to its highest frequency. To fill challenging relationships or situations, so that you may see clearly, without judgment. Ask to be shown all parts of these creations so that you may see where any unbalanced energies may lie. Ask the Blue Ray of Truth to fill these energies so that they may be brought back into balance. Look at any resistance that may arise, again without judgment or criticism of you.

Embrace the resistance, as it is trying to protect you. Bring it into your heart so it can soften and see the Truth of the present, not the fears of the past or the future.


Motivation without Love
It is aggressive, it is fire
It has a big burst of energy and burns out quickly
It is full of ideas, suggestions and enthusiasm
and then becomes distracted easily
overwhelmed, full of doubts
a feeling of dis-ease begins to fill it’s sphere
it deflates, feels discouraged
It leaves uncompleted projects
a feeling of dissatisfaction
always looking for the next wave of energy to ride upon

Motivation aligned with the frequency of love
It is soft
It has a graceful flow that gently glides forward
Unquestioning in it’s alignment to divine order
It has clarity
It has focus
It has the energy of continuity
It gains a gentle momentum supported with love and vision
It creates softly, yet powerfully, gaining momentum as reaches it’s climax
It is a gentle unfolding, without the rush or hurry or the fear of being left behind
It is a knowing within one’s heart that the journey is near and clear
It is the opening of our wings in a graceful elegance, a graceful dance

May the ease of motivation flow through all you do in the New Year