What are the “Healing Angels”?

Ariel, Raphael, Gabriel, Celestina, Faith, Cassiel, Daniel, Sarah, and Michael

The “Healing Angels” that assist in I.E.T healing is an experiential class that can be taken over and over, and every experience will be unique.

This is a perfect class for those who have a desire for a more intimate relationship with the angels. Calling upon the angels adds a special spiritual dimension to any healing practice. You will learn the special healing gift that each angel brings and a special prayer of invitation to call upon the angel. Everyone from angel novice to expert can benefit from this class. This is also a wonderful experience for those are I.E.T practitioners and wish to deepen their relationship with the healing angels.

It is also a powerful class for those who do not practice IET and wish to connect to the healing angels.

This class is designed to be taught in one day

Other meditations that work with these and other angels are always
forming. Please contact me for more information.

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