IMG_4773Sessions are individualized according to one’s needs and desires. Often one may need to come to a cognitive understanding of the challenges they are facing in which psychotherapy is beneficial. This may be the only avenue that one wishes to pursue.

Frequently, one may feel that despite their increased awareness, deeper unconscious resistance prevents them from moving forward and are in need of alternative approaches to help clear and change these patterns. Incorporating hypnosis techniques, creative visualization and mediation journeys are highly useful tools in the healing process.

Another multifaceted approach may include all of the above and/or encompass a combination of IET, Energy Purificaiton and intuited soul readings,clearings and healings, spiritual alchemy healing and crystal/stone healing (one year study at the Chinatown Wellness Center with Dr. Jeffrey Yuen) to assist in the restructuring of various patterns that have been imprinted in our DNA and genetics. Janet uses her gift of perception to guide sessions in a direction of healing and renewal.

During these sessions you are fully clothed and relaxed in either a sitting or lying down position. Either light or no touch is part of the more hands on healing modalities such as IET and intuitive healing sessions.   At times strong emotions may be released during or after sessions and through dream time. The process of releasing may also trigger some short lived (a couple of hours) physical discomfort or tiredness. It is helpful to drink a lot of water afterwards and to take a bath in either dead sea salt or to add a relaxing oil such as lavender.

Sessions generally run 1 hour to 1.5 hours depending upon the work being done.

Fee: $120-$175
Out of network Insurance Reimbursable is possible for psychotherapy

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