Intuitive Soul Healing

Intuitive soul healing occurs through a connection of my higher self and indexsoul and yours. Through setting a clear intention you begin to empower that which you create in order to have a more satisfying experience in life. Your soul begins to respond by sending the necessary information that is needed in order to create a transformation. This  information may reveal thought/emotional patterns that you may have become attached to consciously or unconsciously or some underlying memories or energies that are driving a repeated experience. Through this connection an exchange of energy occurs and guidance is revealed as to where healing is needed in order to empower your intention. This information may come through as an insight, sounding, healing light/frequency, feeling and/or a knowing that will be shared with you. Often you will receive your own guidance as well. The amount of sessions needed to fully shift your healing intention may vary as the healing may occur quickly or over time.

Sessions are generally 1 hour- $150

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