Psychotherapy is a journey embarked upon when feeling an impulse to expand and deepen one’s relationship with the self and the world around them.  This impulse may come from feeling a need to go beyond your present experience with your self or from a strong discomfort or pain resulting from life’s changes and challenges. Psychotherapy is an exploration of your thoughts, emotions and beliefs. The process of psychotherapy offers a key to unlock the potential of how you may choose to travel through life in relation to your environment and circumstances, the people around you and your unique place in the world. By releasing outdated, erroneous and ill-serving systems, new and higher perspectives may be experienced.

We live on a planet where all inhabitants are interdependent in some form or another. Yet often we experience ourselves as separate, alone and misunderstood. Learning to be your own individual self and still find where your distinctive light fits in relation to the word around you is a benefit of psychotherapy. Working with a trained professional with whom you can establish a meaningful relationship and who can provide you with appropriate support and insight may offer you the courage to create the life you desire.

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