Upcoming Events

Please check here for new classes as they are listed. A variety of teaching and mediation classes are formed throughout the year.

Meditation Journeys

Temple of the Divine Feminine Hearts Empowerment Circle

Meditations are generally held twice a month on Tuesday evenings

7pm-9:30pm at Pearl River, NY . Zoom is mostly offered as well. Gratitude exchange-$20 (if possible- no one is ever excluded as we have other ways to provide a gratitude exchange)

This special circle is an invitation to take time to commit to a deeper love with your Self. In this caring and open circle, women of all levels of spiritual experience gather to share their commitment to continue to grow on their spiritual path in anchoring the Divine Feminine Consciousness once again into our Earth Plane. Through these high frequency guided meditations/journey’s, you may experience healing, a deeper connection to the Angelic realm, to the Ascended Masters and to Earth herself . Often activation’s from the realms of Love and Light come forth to awaken your unique connection with higher parts of your own consciousness and that of the Galactic dimensions. Frequencies of Sound and Light are often shared through light language which are frequency sounds that are channeled to lift the experience to its highest potential.

A sharing of tools to help your journey in your everyday life will be shared. This circle offers you a place to fill yourself with a deeper connection with your own inner guidance, wisdom and love. We all hold special keys that we exchange energetically during these deep times of connection with each other. Just trust that this is so and let go of any concerns and know that you will be held by all those present as this is a very dedicated group of highly supportive women who are called to these gatherings. This connection is yours to build to be there for you during times of joy and challenges, all with other like minded women. Please bring water, journal and an open heart.

Once you have attended a journey and if you would like to be a part of our private facebook group you will then have access to the dates of upcoming gatherings as well as inspirational sharings, questions and teachings from all group members.

 Please RSVP as each meditation will be limited due to space. Feel free to pass this other like minded women. iopeningtherapy@gmail.com                                                                                                                                         


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